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Omicron HGT1

Omicron HGT1

SKU: 1001

The Omicron HGT1 is a reliable instrument designed to accurately measure phase and touch voltages in a substation grounding system. When used with compatible test injection systems (such as the Omicron CPC 100 and CP CU1), it uses a variable-frequency test current to simulate ground faults, allowing phase-touch voltages to be measured and calculated and noise of the HGT1 Digital filtering are added to increase measurement accuracy and provide better suppression. It also has a logging function that allows you to store multiple measurements, which can later be downloaded for reporting and analysis.


Special Features:

  • Portability: This battery-operated handheld device facilitates measurements at various locations inside and outside the substation.
  • Simulated resistance: The device accurately simulates body and shoe resistance according to relevant standards.
  • Frequency-selective calibration: This enables frequency-selective calibration.
  • Advanced noise suppression: Digital filtering increa