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Omicron CPOL Polarity checker

OMICRON CPOL Handheld Polarity Checker

SKU: 1001

The CPOL can be used as an accessory for several OMICRON test sets: CMC, COMPANO 100, CPC 100 and CT Analyzer.


It offers the following functionalities and features :

  • Polarity check of current transformers and voltage transformers (CTs and VTs)
  • Polarity check of terminals and wiring connected to CTs and VTs
  • Handheld device with exchangeable measuring tips
  • High sensitivity and accuracy
  • Magnetic back side of the housing allows attachment to control cabinets, etc.


Rent OMICRON CPOL Handheld Polarity Checker, kindly reach out to Skysun Energy via email at or by phone at +973 3312 1984 or +971 5257 97530



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