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Megger  VIDAR - Vacuum interrupter tester

Megger VIDAR - Vacuum interrupter tester

SKU: 1002

The VIDAR vacuum interrupter tester enables you to check the integrity of the vacuum interrupter quickly and conveniently by means of the known relationship between the flashover voltage and the vacuum interrupter.

A suitable test voltage (DC) is applied to the breaker and the result is known immediately. You can select test voltages from 10 to 60 kV DC and one of these voltages can be customised to your specifications when ordering. Reading the unit is also easy: if the interrupter is approved, a green light is shown, if it is defective, a red light is shown. It requires two-handed control and comes with a warning light that comes on if high voltage is detected, both of which enhance your safety.

The VIDAR vacuum interrupter tester is used to test the ability of the vacuum chamber to inhibit flashovers. It has been developed in close collaboration with leading manufacturers of vacuum circuit breakers. It is rugged, compact, weighs only about 7 kg (15 lbs), and is easy to use since vacuum chambers do not have to be dismounted for testing This makes the VIDAR ideal for use in the field or shop floor applications.

  • Tests the integrity of vacuum interrupters quickly, safely, and easily
  • User-defined voltage selection
  • Extensive voltage range
  • Easy to operate. Follows ANSI/IEEE standardised DC test methods.
  • Lightweight and portable


Rent Megger VIDAR Vacuum interrupter tester, kindly reach out to Skysun Energy via email at or by phone at +973 3312 1984 or +971 5257 97530

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