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Megger RCDT320 - RCD Tester

Megger RCDT320 - RCD Tester

SKU: 1001

The RCDT300 series of residual current device testers are innovative instruments that combine rugged construction with intuitive operation. Even if they are inadvertently connected to a live three-phase supply.

RCDT320 covers a wider supply voltage range of 50 V to 280 V, allowing use with centre-tapped 110 V supplies. It incorporates ramp testing, for RCD tripping current measurement, and the unique Megger auto sequence test feature, which saves time by allowing the tester to conduct all RCD tests and store the results while the operator stands by the RCD, resetting it as appropriate.

Tests standard, DC, selective and programmable RCDs

  • Ramp testing
  • Auto (Remote) testing
  • Three-phase safe
  • Enables testing on 110 V centre tapped supplies
  • Weatherproof to IP54


Rent RCD Tester, kindly reach out to Skysun Energy via email at or by phone at +973 3312 1984 or +971 5257 97530


    Download Megger RCDT320 - RCD Tester Data sheet

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