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MEGGER ODEN AT/3H Primary current injection test system

MEGGER ODEN AT/3H Primary current injection test system

SKU: 1003

The ODEN AT primary current injection test system has been specially designed for testing protective relay equipment and circuit breakers. It can also be used to test the turns ratio of current transformers and for other applications that require high variable currents. The ODEN AT can also be set to test circuit breakers with reclosing relays and sectionalisers and is ideal for performing heat runs as the current can be applied continuously or through programmable intervals. It is also capable of testing the integrity of ground grids and safety-ground devices.

The control unit has many advanced features, such as a powerful measurement section that can display turns ratio as well as time, voltage, and current. A second measurement channel can also be used to test an additional current or voltage. The ODEN AT can calculate the current transformer turns ratio, impedance, resistance, power, power factor/tan delta, and phase angle.

The current and voltage can be presented as percentages of nominal value. It also has a fast-acting hold function that freez