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Kilovolt KPG 54kV VLF Test set

Kilovolt KPG 54kV - VLF Test Set

SKU: 1001

The portable cable test set KPG 54kV VLF is used for testing of medium voltage cables in accordance to the standards IEC 60502-2, CENELEC HD 620 & 621, DIN VDE 0276/620 & 621.

Test is carried out with a low strain practice with VLF (very low frequency) test voltage of preferably 0.1Hz.

VLF testing enables detection of damages of insulation within shortest test time.

The KPG 54kV VLF can test cables with extruded insulation (XLPE-, PE-, EPR-insulation) as well as cables with paper-oil insulation (PILC).

Cable sheath testing with direct voltage is also possible.


  • VLF Testing
  • DC Testing
  • Sheath Testing


Rent Kilovolt KPG 54kV - VLF Test Set, kindly reach out to Skysun Energy via email at or by phone at +973 3312 1984 or +971 5257 97530

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