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HVI PFT 503CM(F) - 50kV AC Hi-pot

HVI PFT 503CM(F) - 50kV AC Hi-pot

SKU: 1002

The PFT-503CM(F) functions as a portable AC hipot test set suitable for field use. These hipots are designed to supply adjustable AC voltage continuously (upto 50kV), enabling a pass/fail AC over-voltage withstand test on high voltage equipment such as switchgear, circuit breakers, reclosers, vacuum bottles, hot sticks, bus ducts, and other apparatuses requiring an AC test voltage. Within the PFT Series, you'll find the most convenient, cost-effective, and user-friendly AC hipots operating at this voltage and power range.

The unit incorporates a gapped core transformer capable of delivering up to 3 kVA of output power while drawing only 1.5 kVA, making it possible for the hipot to operate using a standard 120Vac or 230Vac input. It comes equipped with a two-range voltmeter, a three-range current meter, and a guard circuit, all of which contribute to precise measurements of leakage current.

This AC hipot kit boasts a seamless one-piece design for field portability. It is outfitted with a secondary connected 2-range voltmeter covering 0 – 25 / 50 kV AC and a 3-range current meter spanning 0 – 1 mA AC, complete with x1, x10, and x100 multipliers. The fixed overload is set to 120% of the variable transformer's rated output current. Additionally, it features a Guard/Ground circuit to ensure accurate leakage current measurement. The kit also includes 20 ft shielded output and return cables.



  • Input: 230 V, 50/60 Hz, 8 A
  • Output:    0-50 kV AC, 1 kVA resistive load, 3 kVA capacitive load, up to 60 mA current, Output current is reduced at lower voltages
  • Duty:    3 kVA: ½ hour ON, 2 hours OFF, 2 kVA: 1 hour ON, 1 hour OFF, 1 kVA: continuous
  • Voltmeter:    3.5”, scaled 0-25/50 kV AC, ±2% F.S.
  • Current Meter:    3.5”, scaled 0-1 mA, ±2% F.S. with range multipliers of x1, x10, x100
  • Output Termination: 20 ft. (6 m) shielded output cable with alligator clamp


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