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Extech LCR 200 - LCR Meter

Extech LCR 200 - LCR Meter

LCR200 Passive Component LCR Meter: a comprehensive solution for your measurement needs. This meter offers an array of features to ensure accurate and reliable results:


  • Measure Inductance, Capacitance, and Resistance with secondary parameters including Q (Quality), D (Dissipation), R (Resistance), P (Phase), and ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance).
  • Simultaneous 20,000/2,000 count backlit display of the primary parameter (L, C, or R) along with the secondary parameter.
  • Auto Select measurement function with a default test frequency of 1kHz, and the option for five test frequencies.
  • Set Hi/Lo limits using either absolute values or percentage limits.
  • Open and Short Zero function eliminates unwanted stray impedances, enhancing measurement accuracy.
  • Relative mode function for referencing measurements.
  • Parallel or Series equivalent circuit options.
  • Auto power off, Low battery, and overrange indicators.
  • Use the built-in test fixture or external test leads for flexibility.
  • Comes complete with test leads and a 9V battery.


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