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DV Power RMO H23 - Handheld Micro-Ohmmeter

DV Power RMO H23 - Handheld Micro-Ohmmeter

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The RMO-H stands as a handheld micro-ohmmeter operated by batteries, tailored for a diverse array of applications concerning contact resistance evaluation of non-inductive test subjects. Its scope encompasses meticulous testing of:

  • Medium and high-voltage circuit breakers
  • Disconnecting switches
  • High-current bus bar joints
  • Cable splices
  • Various high-current links

In addition to this, it demonstrates precision even within high-induction field settings, whether in substations or factory assessments.

The test current is under regulation and can be opted within the range of 1 A up to a maximum of 300 A.

The RMO H23 devices boast both regulated and user-selectable test currents. The device can generation of an automatically controlled test ramp, ensuring a steady and ripple-free current during measurement procedures. These groundbreaking attributes in handheld micro-ohmmeter technology are made feasible by leveraging sophisticated Li-Po batteries. Consequently, modern battery advancements facilitate multiple measurements and an entire day of testing without necessitating recharging.

The RMO H23 instruments possess the capacity to store up to 1000 measurements on an internal micro SD card. For communication and data management, the DV Win software interfaces with the RMO-H23 micro-ohmmeters through a wireless Bluetooth connection. This software not only facilitates the downloading of test results but also their analysis, culminating in the generation of fully customizable test reports.


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