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Best Primary Injection Test Kits: A Comprehensive Guide

In the world of electrical testing and maintenance, precision is paramount. Ensuring the reliability and safety of power systems requires advanced tools, and primary injection test kits play a crucial role in this domain. In this blog post, we will explore the top primary injection test kits available in the market, shedding light on their features, benefits, and why they stand out.

  1. Omicron CPC 100

The Omicron CPC 100 stands out as a multifunctional primary injection test system. It is capable of injecting primary current up to 800 A AC using the CPC 100 test kit alone. With the additional CP CB2 current booster accessory, the injection capacity extends to 2000 A. This test kit is characterized by its compact, easily transportable, and precise design, representing the quality associated with the globally renowned Omicron brand. Notably, it can inject a maximum DC current of 400 A and apply a maximum AC voltage of 2 kV.

Power Transformer Tests:

  • Transformer Ratio Test

  • Transformer Winding Resistance Test

  • OLTC test(Per Tap)

  • Vector Group Test

  • Voltage Withstand Test (Max AC Voltage: 2 kV)

  • Tan Delta Test(using an additional accesory Omicron CP TD1)

CT Tests:

  • CT Ratio Test

  • CT Burden

  • CT Excitation Test (Kneepoint)

  • Demagnetization

  • CT Winding Resistance Test

  • Voltage Withstand Test (Max AC Voltage: 2 kV)

  • Polarity Check

  • CT Ratio (Rogowski)

VT Tests:

  • VT Ratio Test

  • Burden Test

  • Voltage withstand test

  • Polarity check

  • VT Winding Resistance Test

Furthermore, the CPC 100 test kit not only functions as a low-resistance ohmmeter for measuring contact resistance in breakers, busbars, and other components but also excels in conducting line impedance measurements and motor tan delta measurements. The CPC 100 is versatile, extending its utility to relay testing. However, many testing engineers prefer employing dedicated devices such as the Omicron CMC 356, Megger Freja, or Sverker 780 specifically designed for relay testing.

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